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About i-Core Technology LLC

At i-CORE Technology LLC, we have vast technical expertise in liquid crystals, from fundamental research work to very practical manufacturing technology (including that which is related to volume scale). We understand the importance of communication in our field, specifically at the transient stage from product development to volume manufacturing, and we are accustomed to bringing experts together from around the world. Due to our background and experience, we often end up translating for the parties involved. Feel free to reach out to us if you should have any questions.

A Long History in the Field

The liquid crystal market has developed over the last 30 years, unlike the automobile market for example, which has developed over the last 100 years. For that reason, there are not many companies that have an early-day fundamental understanding of this technology. We have been involved with this fascinating technology since the 1980s in Japan, where it first emerged. Japan is also a giant in technology manufacturing, giving us vast experience in the industrial/manufacturing side of producing liquid crystal technologies. We are proud to bring together our expertise in research and industry knowledge to empower our clients to complete their projects and meet their manufacturing goals. With us, you'll turn your technology into a product.